Increase Your Reach with Actionable Data, Intuitive Technology and Full Transparency

Broaden your user acquisition and find engaged mobile users by working directly with our integrated learning systems to optimize your investment.

Powerful Performance

Leads to Dominant Results

At Bocca, we’ve created a transparent process with intelligent algorithms to transform your business into the smartest mobile marketing force to increase your ROI, and bring actionable results to grow your business.

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A/I Learning

Dominant Results Driven by Unparalleled Insight
Exceeding incremental lift goals by +140%

With full transparency and customizable tools, we give you the control of your own data so you can build your customer profiles and anticipate your next campaign to stay ahead of the curve and increase your reach.



Granular, Precision Targeting
Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

Using GPS-specific locations and with the use of machine learning models, Bocca can identify and reach audiences who are looking to engage with a specific business prior to their physical presence at the place of business. Targeted audience data is always available in our comprehensive reporting.

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Data Control

Delivering Results While Letting You Stay in the Driver's Seat
Providing sophisticated and customizable solutions.

Our intelligent technology captures and maintains accurate data to analyze complexities, while maintaining the highest level of integrity to delivering your campaign.



Your Media. Your Insights. Your Results.
See the forest through the trees with our simple and intuitive technology

We facilitate advertisers development of audiences and campaigns without any surprises. You take control of your media and how it’s managed. We provide simple, intuitive tools to collect the most cutting edge insights that will continue to provide increased ROI to your business.

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